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Yesterday, the count of confirmed COVID-19 cases rose by 0 in Guernsey. If this trend is stable, the count of confirmed cases would double roughly every 0 days.

Quick overview

Total Cases
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Total Deaths
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nan %
Mortality Rate
Days to double

New COVID-19 cases per day

This number indicates how many cases were confirmed on each day. It’s a good sign if the curve is flat or even declining. However, in most countries, there are more cases each day than the day before, meaning the total number of cases increases exponentially.

This page shows only data gathered by the Johns Hopkins University and should be in no way your only source of information. Please check current information and tips published by official organisations like the WHO and trust your local media. Take this pandemic serious and stay home as often as possible.

Growth of cases vs. previous day by percent

This curve is an indicator for how fast the pandemic is spreading. If you see high values here, it means that the total number of cases is increasing really fast. A value of 0 percent means that the number of new cases is stable, everything below is quite good.

Total number of cases

In this chart you can see how the total number of COVID-19 cases in Guernsey rose. In most countries, this curve is exponentially, meaning the number of new cases increases every day.

Switch between linear and logarithmic

Number of cases double every X days

Here you can see how long it needs until the cases in Guernsey double again. It’s one of the main problems of the Coronavirus, that it spreads fast and that every infected person can contaminate roughly four persons.

Global progress of the coronavirus

This world map shows you how many new COVID-19 cases were there in the last 24 hours for each country.

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